I'm a director who specialises in realtime and virtual production. I do storytelling and experience design across any platform. Recently that's included augmented and virtual reality, games and using these technologies behind the scenes for film & TV. I do XR, words, code and music.

My work includes A Clever Label (2021), Son in Law (2020), The Gift (2018), ACO Virtual (2013-2017), Action Stations (2015), Power of 1 (2014), Sanctuary (2005) and Horses for Courses (2001).

I play Esther Fitzgerald in the video game Wayward Strand (2022).

I've been part of many live events as a speaker and performer.

Here are some interviews on my work - fxguide and Django Girls and some of my articles on technology, society and culture.


I am co-founder and CEO of studio Mod specialising in realtime and virtual production.

I license my Rack&Pin management platform as a tool for managing complex projects. It has been used across museums, film, TV, game, art galleries, online experiences and corporate events.

Previously I founded MOD Films (2004-2009) with a NESTA (UK) Invention award for "remixable film".

My consultancy (1998-2008) worked on some of the largest dotcom projects in Europe.


My technology experience spans film, broadcast, games, internet, government, finance, retail and knowledge management.

With hands-on skills and experience as an architect and executive I've helped deliver ambitious digital products and services with budgets up to US$150m.

Translating between business, creative and technical teams is what I do. From learning to code on the Commodore 64 in the mid-80s, to creating the first website in NSW in 1993 through to the XR experiences of today like Grapho - a tool for exploring graphs in VR. I'm always building something.

For more details check out my profiles on LinkedIn and Academia

Email me via my first name at mod dot studio or follow @michela on Twitter.