I'm a director who loves nothing better than working with great creative and technical teams to do engaging work. I write words, music, and code. As an ever-emerging artist I'm always exploring new forms of expression and storytelling. I also draw a mean stick figure.

Past work includes the on-board experience for Action Stations - Australian National Maritime Museum, Power of 1 - Old Parliament House and ACO VIRTUAL an immersive interactive video experience of the Australian Chamber Orchestra on tour since June 2013.


I am founder and CEO of Mod (2010-present) a studio creating interactive entertainment and immersive experience.

I created the Rack&Pin multimedia production management platform as a tool for managing real-time experience and mixed reality. Rack&Pin is used for production management and show control on award-winning film, TV and interactive productions.

I ran UK consultancy from 1993 to 2008.

I founded "remixable film" production company, MOD Films (2004-2009) with a NESTA Invention award.

My show Head Bin (previously called Sanctuary) was a MIPTV 360 finalist for 'Next Generation Audience Engagement' in 2010.


As an enterprise architect and executive I've helped deliver ambitious cross-platform digital productions up to US$150m in several countries.

My technology experience spans film, TV, games, internet, government, finance, retail and knowledge management.

Translating between business, creative and technical teams is what I do. From building the first website in NSW in 1993 through to immersive interactive video and real-time graphics today, I use technology as a creative tool.

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Email me via my first name at thequality dot com or follow @michela on Twitter.