I'm an artist. Check out my biography and my work as a writer, director, producer. My latest work is ACO Virtual - an interactive touring installation for the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

I was honoured to receive the first Sydney Film Festival Innovation Award in 2009. View my showreel.

My work has featured in exhibitions and live events around the world.

I am passionate about producing remixable media, transmedia, crossmedia and using every trick in the book for storytelling and ideas. We live in interesting times.


I co-founded Mod Productions (2010-present) a studio creating media magic for events and entertainment.

Rack&Pin is our cloud service for media productions. We provide useful screens and services for managing your productions on a monthly subscription.

I've run my own consultancy since 1993.

I founded "remixable film" production company, MOD Films (2004-2009) with a NESTA Invention award.

My show Head Bin (previously called Sanctuary) was a MIPTV 360 finalist for 'Next Generation Audience Engagement'.

I'm on the Vivid Festival CreativeSydney 10x10 list.


As a technical architect and executive I've delivered ambitious cross-platform digital productions up to US$150m for major clients in several countries.

My technology experience spans film, TV, games, internet, government, finance, retail and knowledge management.

Translating between business, creative and technical teams is what I do. From building the first website in NSW in 1993 through to interactive film-making in 2013, I've been using the internet as a creative tool.

View some of my published articles and interviews on technology, society and culture.

For more details check out my LinkedIn profile